Pascall Inclyno Shaker

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The sieve table of the Inclyno is always inclined to the axis of the machine. The table does not rotate but moves in a gyratory motion at 2rpm. This gyratory movement spreads the material over the entire surface of the mesh of each sieve but does not throw material high against the sides of the sieve. At the same time the table lifts and falls (at 300 jolts per minute) over a short distance.

These two simultaneous movements ensure that each particle of material is given the optimum chance of passing through a sieve aperture.

Electrical Supply: 230V 50Hz 1ph
Motor: 180W
Dimensions: 553mm W x 320mm D x 1257mm H
Weight: 74kg
Sieves Sizes Accepted:
14 x 200mm diameter or
7 x 300mm diameter

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