Rotary Sample Divider 50kg

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The Civilab Australia Rotary Sample Divider is used for dividing bulk samples up to 50kg.Features all stainless steel parts in contact with sample material.
Material is placed into a stainless steel hopper under which rotates containers allowing a portion of the sample to fall into each container every time it passes under the hopper until all material has been emptied.
Rotation speed is controlled by a variable speed drive.
Feeder variable control allows the rate of material feed into the containers.
The carousel is completely enclosed including a safety switch that will stop operation if the operator opens the guard while in operation. Cannot restart until guard is closed.
Incorporates an emergency stop button.
240 volt power supply.
Sturdy tubular steel frame and sheet metal motor cover.
Overall Dimensions: 110L x 70W x 120H
Weight 130kg

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