Multiflow Mixer

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If high-quality specimens are to be manufactured, the efficient
mixing of concrete is essential. For mixing small amounts of
concrete, pan type mixers are the most suitable apparatus.

The UTC-0750 Pan Type Concrete Mixer is designed to give
efficient mixing of both dry and wet materials.

It has a removable mixing pan which tilts to allow easy access
to the pan. This also allows for trouble-free emptying of the
pan once the mixing operation is complete.
The pan has a total volume of 108 litres but the effective
capacity of the mixer is 29 litres.

The mixer head lifts clear to provide maximum access to the
pan and holds the mixing blades at a constant depth during
the mixing operation. The blades are adjustable, with different
options to suit the different kinds and volume of materials to
be mixed. The pan type mixer is also equipped with rubber
wheels which provide high portability.

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