CBR Mould Test Set

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A Civilab manufactured cylindrical metal mould with
an internal diameter 152 ±1 mm, height 178 ±1 mm
Zinc plated. Includes perforated base with stud & wing nuts,
mould body, swell plate and 1 each annular
(2.25Kg) and slotted weight.(2.25Kg)

Individual Parts:
CBR Mould – CL22020/2
CBR Perforated base place – CL22020/1
CBR Studs for Baseplate – CL22020/4
CBR Swell Plate – CL22031
CBR Annular weight- CL22040
CBR Slotted weight – CL22045

AS1289.6.1.1: Soil Strength & Consolidation Test- Determination of the CBR of soil. Standard Lab method for a remolded soil

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