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Point load tester – digital

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The Model CL60220 CIVILAB Point Load Tester is a portable device suitable for use in the field or laboratory to determine the point load strength index of rock specimens. Based on a two-column loading frame, the Point Load Tester uses an Enerpac hand operated hydraulic jack system for load application and a precision load cell with a hand held digital readout for load monitoring.

The load cell indicator operates form a 9 volt battery & incudes a peak hold function and is locally manufactured in Australia. The load range is 0-100 kN x 0.1kN and can be NATA certified to A grade specifications.

The machine is supplied with a perspex safety screen for operator protection & can accept specimens from 25 – 90mm. A scale is provided to measure the distance between the loading points when the specimens is being tested.

The loading points are removable and can be replaced in situ without the need to be returned to a repair facility.

The CL60220 Point load tester is supplied in a sturdy steel carry case which can be used to elevate the apparatus to a convenient working height in the field.

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