Soil Preparation Machine

CL20150/001 – Grating Plate
CL20150/005 – Scraper Plate

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Machine consists of an offset rotating drum driven by a 1.5kw (2HP) motor to worm box/gearbox. Inside the drum is a 520mm diameter reinforced segmented grating plate with sharpened edges. Under the grating plate are support bearings and an invertor drive control avoids motor burn out and stalling. Samples of minus 19mm size are easily prepared by applying force to the scraper plate sitting above the grating plate. Electronically interlocked guards are incorporated to fully enclose all moving parts. Mounted on castor wheels allows moveability around the laboratory. Replaceable grating plates CL20150/1 are readily available when required. Packing dimensions: 102cm x 91cm x 157cm x 197kg (approx sizes)

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