Centrifuge extractor 1500gm

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The asphalt centrifuge extractor is designed for determining the percentage of bitumen in asphaltic mixtures. Available in 1500g and 3000g capacities, these extractors conform to the explosion-proof standards for the safety of operating personnel.All models feature a removable, aluminum bowl assembly, which quickly lifts out of the sealed housing for efficient specimen handling.

A simple, control knob adjusts bowl speed up to 3600 rpm, and, an electric brake stops the centrifuge in seconds when extraction is complete. The heavy, cast-aluminum bowl cover latches securely in place and features an integral solvent dispensing cup for easy pouring of the solvent into the bowl.

Power is supplied by a reliable 1/8hp DC motor. 220kW/50-60HZ Extractors are supplied complete with 25 filter discs.

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