Vacuum desiccator 65 litre

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The largest domed desiccator of its kind — up to 4 times more volume than other large benchtop units.

Reclaim benchtop space by conveniently nesting the two halves under the bench after use clear, seamless polycarbonate construction provides all-around visibility, and resistance to chemicals, shattering, and thermal stress.

Polypropylene stopcock with PTFE plug turns easily allowing a slow, turbulence-free entrance of air, which minimizes disturbance of contents.

Desiccator will hold a full vacuum (29″” Hg, 737 mm Hg) at room temperature for 24 hours and remain airtight for extended periods of time even if not under vacuum. The gasket, with an application of vacuum grease assures a tight seal down to 0°C. The stopcock accepts 1/4″” I.D. (6.4 mm) tubing.

What’s included:
Polypropylene stopcock with PTFE plug, and two round polypropylene shelves, 14-1/2″” and 9″” (36.8 cm and 22.9 cm) in diameter.

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